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"Now this painting has gone," said one lady. "Horror! All smears and strokes, you can't understand anything. Terrible. I saw an exhibition in St. Petersburg recently. They said they were Impressionists. A haystack is drawn, and, imagine, blue... Impossible, awful. We have hay, and I think everywhere is green, isn't it? And he's got blue! And smears, strokes... Famous, they say, impressionist artist, French. It's a horror of what it is!"

This is how the paintings of French Impressionist artists were met by visitors to art exhibitions in Russia. It seemed that the literary centricity of Russian culture could not accept the trembling multicolored smear, the vibrating movement of light and shadow, the flair of carelessness and the joy of the moment. However, at the end of the 19th century, the freshness and liberty of Impressionism penetrated into the workshops of Russian artists, and forced even the most devoted adherents of realistic art to turn to new pictorial searches. During the tour you will not only see impressionistic paintings of such famous artists as Vasily Polenov, Konstantin Korovin, Valentin Serov, Igor Grabar, Stanislav Shchukovsky, Boris Kustodiev, but also open a galaxy of new names beautiful painters, undeservedly forgotten, but decorated Russian art of the late 19th - 20th centuries.

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