"Slope Vorob'yevykh gor"


start point: Воробьевы горы  
end point: Воробьевы горы  

9  hours

Starting point of the tour: Vorobevy Gory

Ecological path "Slope Vorob'yevykh gor"

 08:00 - 17:00

 Vorobyovy Gory is the slope of the right bank of the Moscow River, famous for its beauty. Lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, three ponds and a broad-leaved forest, ravines and springs, stunning panoramic views of the city - all this is available to all tourists. The trail along which the Sparrow Hills ecological walk passes is suitable for wheelchairs.

On the territory of the Sparrow Hills in 1998 a reserve was created in order to preserve the diversity of flora and fauna unique to these latitudes. Broad-leaved forests usually grow in warmer latitudes, but here the slopes are closed from the icy winter wind, because even in the harshest winter the trees do not suffer from the cold.

The reserve begins with an aviary complex, which houses squirrels and decorative birds (pheasants, peacocks, owl and others). Work is underway to restore the abundance of squirrels in the reserve: squirrels are removed in the cages, and then released into the wild.

Near the reserve is an observation deck. From a height of 85 meters, an excellent view of Moscow and the green slopes of the Sparrow Hills opens. Here you can also get information about trees, shrubs and grasses growing in the deciduous forest. The exposition “Trunks of trees” includes oak, linden, birch, alder, ash and maple.

On Andreevskaya Embankment, on the way to the ponds, a view of the Andreevsky Monastery opens. The ensemble of the monastery is made up of the church of Andrei Stratilat, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of the Word and the Church of St. John the Theologian in the bell tower. St. Andrew's Ponds and a cozy park, broken around the ponds - one of the favorite places for Muscovites. St. Andrew's ponds were excavated at the turn of the XVIII – XIX centuries.


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